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    Larry and I live in beautiful East Arcade, NY where we have raised collies since 1975. We finished the championships on numerous collies. While at a show, showing one of my collies, I ran into an old friend Pat Kratochvil that had bought a show collie from me years before. She had since then gotten into breeding and showing Havanese. Pat just happened to have a litter of five week old pups with her. She assured me they were all sold so I would not be tempted if I saw them. Well, when I saw the litter I had to have one AND there was our little “Fidget” CH Glen Iris Hide N Seek, our first Havanese. She gained her Championship in quick fashion. After that we got our second one from Pat, and Sue Whipple, “Muggins” CH Glen Iris Flying Feathers. Okay so now I am hooked on the cute, playful, intelligent, entertaining heart- grabbers. In the evenings you will find me curled up on the couch with several fuzzy body warmers, some times seven or eight. At night we share our bed with some. Any more and WE will have to sleep under the bed. They sure are snugglers. The summer of 2011 closed a chapter in my life. We no longer have collies.

    I am a license AKC judge since August of 2003. This requirement takes many years of experience and knowledge of purebred dogs, test have to be taken on each breed standard that you apply for. There are many seminars, National Specialties and completed championships required that have to be met before applying to judge each breed. Each breed has two interviews with an AKC representative, and the first five shows an AKC Rep. will watch you judge the dogs for any mistakes. So I guess you could say that you have to be pretty sure of what you are doing. Larry enjoys going with me when he can, for my judging assignments across the country.

    I am a member of many clubs. The HCA (Havanese Club of America) CCA (Collie Club of America), Collie Club of WNY, the Dog Judges Association of America and American Dog Show Judges. We are Certified Breeders of Merit with the AKC, which requires many stipulations in your breeding program. It takes a lot of time and effort to comply with these associations. I am in the process of forming a new club called the” Western New York Havanese Club”. The members will be owners and interested owners in the Havanese (show and pets). Members will have the opportunity to mingle with people that have the same interest and will share their love for the breed and get educated at the same time. This is another goal that I would like to attain for the love of the breed.

All that I have written will hopefully help you to understand how dedicated I am to this furry breed called the Havanese. ;-)


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